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Looking for an activity for a team day, bachelor party, wedding or birthday? A Lindy Hop workshop might just be what you’re looking for. It’s fun, cooperative and a great way to get your body moving! We can teach a one-hour beginner workshop to make sure your event starts with a smile on everyone’s face.

Private classes

Personal feedback is very useful when you feel comfortable with the basics, but also if you just started. We aim to give a lot during weekly classes, but the time is always shared with everyone in the group. In a private class, you can get personal feedback focused on your individual dance skills. Contact us to schedule a private class with one of our teachers.

Wedding dance

Are you looking for a fun opening dance at your wedding? Our teachers can create a choreography to your favourite swing dance song and teach it to you and your partner.

We believe that everybody can learn to dance, but developing a new skill can take time. So especially if you have little experience with (Lindy Hop) dancing, make sure to contact us enough in advance to schedule a few practise sessions.