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Frequently asked questions

No, you don’t have to register with a partner.
Of course, if you have someone to dance with, bring them!

Our classes are usually taught in English to also include the non-Dutch speakers. Most of our teachers also speak Dutch, so you can always ask one of them to translate something.

Anything you feel comfortable in is fine. Preferably something light because dancing can be quite a workout.

We recommend to start with flat shoes without (high) heels and preferably clean soles to keep our dance floor nice and shiny. For all the turns and spins it’s nice to have shoes that are not too grippy.

You can ask a shoemaker to put suede or leather soles underneath your favourite shoes to make them nice and slippery. And you can find dance shoes that are made for swing dancing on DanceStore.comSlide & Swing and Saint Savoy.

Leading and following is a bit like driving a car together. The leader is sitting in the passenger seat, reading the map and making suggestions on where to go next. The follower is behind the wheel and can follow up on the directions, while at the same time making sure follow the laws and avoid crashes with other cars.

We believe this is the best way to learn a partner dance. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, practising with everyone in class is the fastest way to improve your leading and/or following skills.

We won’t force you to change partners. However, we strongly encourage it. We know from experience you’ll learn a lot faster if you do dance with others.

Missing a class can happen, but it’s usually not a big issue: We often repeat material from previous class(es) and you can use the video recap of a missed class to practise.

We do not offer refunds for missed classes, but sometimes it’s possible to join another class of the same or lower level. Talk to us! I you already know that you can’t make one or more classes before the start of the block, let us know, maybe we can find a solution for this together.

The first class of every Lindy 1 course is a taster class and you can try that our for €5,-. If you want to try out another class, please contact us first. In principle we’re open to this, but it depends on how well-balanced the leading/following ratio is.

We still recommend to start with Lindy 1. Experience in other dances can help you to pick up things quicker, but you might also need to change some habits or learn to move your body in a different way. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

There are plenty of playlists online that you can use. See our music page for some example swinging playlists.