Swing dancing in Amsterdam Noord

Lindy-Hop is an improvisational partner dance to the original swing music form the roaring twenties. Since the Lindy-Hop revival in the eighties, the worldwide community has been growing steadily, thanks to it's welcoming nature, and the happiness the dance provides!

At Ceuvelswing we teach this partner dance with the goal to get you out on the dance floor as soon as possible on one of the weekly swing dance parties in Amsterdam!

Performance of 'Hey Bruz' by AlgoRhythm


Want to see some Lindy-Hop in Amsterdam?
Go to one of the weekly parties:


Spirit Social Club
Zaal 100
19:45 - 23:00


Swing by
Conscious hotel Vondelpark
Taster class: 20:00
Party: 21:00


Party at 21:30